Monday, August 22, 2011

Piers Anthony on his Erotic Fantasy e-Book, EROMA

 Eroma a composite of EROtic ROMAnce, is phrased as a virtual reality game in which the players' avatars participate. It is a sexual game; not only can avatars have sex, they are required to, to advance their positions. Every point is scored sexually. The players are connected so that when their avatars have sex, the players themselves experience thirty second orgasms, male and female, simultaneously. It is hard-wired, so to speak: when the male penetrates to operative depth, his member flips the buried switch that evokes an immediate climax for both parties. Naturally all male avatars are handsome and all female avatars are beautiful, and they throw themselves into the competition with a will. There are several settings; in each one, half the players are eliminated, until it is down to two, one man and one woman, and then at last a single winner.
We follow one man, Pedro, and one woman, Fotina, as they compete but befriend each other as avatars, and in the course of the game come to love each other. That love becomes personal as they meet outside the game and discover the limitations of sex where mutual orgasms are not programmed and details can be messy. No wonder many players prefer game sex. Then they are the finalists, when only one can win, complicated by their real emotions as contrasted to their game setting roles.
The settings range from a pleasant forested landscape where they must have sex to score points, to a dangerous alien planet where trees feed on players by sexually luring them into traps. In the first setting they must find private places for sex, or it can't happen; but most are already occupied by other couples. So players must be clever not only in their choice of partners, but in their choice of locale. Half are not clever enough. Those eliminated in one round may return in later rounds as obstacles: the surviving players must have sex with them, or avoid sex with them, depending on the situation, but they do not cooperate. It's quite a challenge.


  1. This sounds like an adult revisit of the world of Killobyte.

  2. i've always enjoyed this authors sci-fi stories, interesting to see this new media venture. on the subject of erotica, readers who may be interested in the sometimes dark and secret world of phone sex operators are also welcome here.

  3. I would like to note that there is a real game that you can join and experience virtual sex. In the game Second Life you can create any avatar you wish. You can give your avatar sexual organs and, in areas labeled "A" for Adult, your character can do any form of perversions allowed by the owner of the virtual land parcel. In Second Life players can create there own version of reality, by land and implement specific rules for their realm. It is very much like Kilobyte, only on a much larger scale. Players can add their own animations and write their own scripts for animation/emotes. This creates an extremely diverse game with thousands of realms. There are now even "attatchments" that hook up to your USB port that another gamer can control. Second life is not far from this novel or Kilobyte. I would most definately recommend signing up for a free account and taking a tour of Second Life if you enjoyed either of these novels.