Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Kind of Welcome

As many of my readers know, I'm 76 years old and getting older all the time. I was born in another century, and am a bit slow to catch up on new things like television, computers, the Internet, and blogging. My www.hipiers.com website is considered dowdy; I get constant offers to bring it up to snuff, but in my dotage I remain satisfied with its worn-shoe comfort. When you get to be my age you'll understand.
Now we have this new blogsite which, as I vaguely understand it will be a more personal exchange with my readers. Because I am on dial-up, and going online ties up my phone, I stay offline as much as possible. That means that we generally print out incoming email, I pencil answers, and my wife transcribes those answers and goes briefly online to send them out. This blogging may be similar; you should not expect responses in minutes or hours; days is more like it. Why don't we have broadband? Because the local phone service does not offer it here; we are in the physical and electronic backwoods, and too cheap to pay horrendously for it via satellite. We don't get satellite TV either, for the same reason. If this backwardness bothers you, maybe you should be-friend or be-fan a more contemporary writer. Frankly, I'd rather be writing my current novel instead of socializing. I will not be accepting puns or story ideas for Xanth here; you have to go to hipiers.com for that. But general discussion topics, opinionations, odd thoughts, yes.
As it is, I'm busy enough, as I make the meals, wash dishes, make beds, and accompany my wife on shopping, grocery, and doctor trips; our health as septuagenarians is not what it was in our youth, and she can't stay too long on her feet. Sometimes we use the wheelchair; as I put it, I love to push my wife around. Time is increasingly precious as we approach the end of our careers.
But for what it's worth, for those of you who favor even this grudging contact, welcome to my blogspot.


  1. So you sit down and say today I will write . The Ideas start flowing the words jumping to the page, your Excitement that soon the book will be finished and the publishers final check will be on the way to you. Then all of a sudden it all stops , you stare blankly at the page in front of you , quietly curse ,get up and head to the fridge.Writers block is the bane of the writer, how do YOU deal with writers block?

  2. I'm such a huge fan---er-- I mean...

    Don't mind me lurking about; I hear having a teenage girl stalker is all the rage these days.

    I just wanted to say that while I often check the HiPiers site, I think this blog will be equally if not more popular. Being able to comment like this and read updates and such is really very entertaining.

    Plus, young, hi-tech lurkers like myself flock to them.


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  4. Piers Writes: I am slowly catching up on the new technology.

  5. This is so amazing. I almost couldn't believe my eyes. I saw this blog metioned on Joe Konrath's site just sifting through the comments. Welcome! You are my alltime favorite author :)

  6. Welcome to the future Piers, I love your twitter to, much better than the piece of crap I made you a few years ago!

  7. Hi, Piers! I'm delighted to see you here.

  8. Hi Piers!
    Glad you're on Blogger! I just found your blog when I went over to your site. I like the way it is & you have lots of helpful information for writers.
    All the best,
    Lisa Maliga