Sunday, July 10, 2011

Piers Anthony Blogs on Writing Erotica Fantasy, "Eroma"

As I said elsewhere, I like to try different things, whether in life or writing. This is also true within the several genres I have tried over the decades. While my prior efforts have been mostly in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Historical, or Horror, in recent years I have tried Erotic, notably with the dirty fantasy Pornucopia and its sequel The Magic Fart, and with the Relationships story collections. I regard myself as a natural story writer who got shunted into novels for economic reason, because it was not possible to earn a living from just stories. Two things are changing that: in my dotage I no longer have to make money from stories, and electronic publishing makes it possible for anyone to publish just about anything. So I have enjoyed writing stories again, of whatever type, but mostly erotic because that's where the main market is. Just as the fondest desire of most folk is to love and be loved, a writer's desire is to write and be read. And loved, of course; critics are not welcome.
I have a huge file of story ideas. Whenever I get a notion, which can be anywhere/anywhen, I scribble a note in pencil so I won't lose it, then later type it up as a summary and put it in my Idea File, where it remains until it gets the curtain call and emerges to fulfill its fondest desire, which is to be written. Sometimes I get amendment notions on following days, amplifying or qualifying prior ideas, which become further summaries. A really hot idea can thus finally amass five or six thousand words and has to be written lest it burst out on its own and cut out the middleman, that is the author, me. But not every idea makes a perfect story. Some are fragments, moods, mental pictures, dreams, or have conceptual flaws, interesting but incomplete. Some are retakes of prior notions, as I realize when I see them formulated. I'm not sure how many times I've had this Great Idea for a situation in which beautiful women suddenly are as eager for sex as normal men are. It's a common male fantasy bearing little relation to reality. Chances are that a lovely woman who says she's eager for sex is actually interested in something else, like ironclad commitment; sex is merely a skillfully wielded tool to corral the man. But some of my ideas in the file are good original notions that ought to be used. To me a story idea is like a living thing; it should not be allowed to suffer without recognition in the dark dungeon of anonymity. Every notion, like every person, deserves its chance. What could I do with these desperate children of my imagination who could not quite make it on their own?
Then I got a bright notion about notions: why not try making these failed story ideas into the chapters of a novel? Such as a virtual-reality game framework where the qualities of avatars are defined by sexual interactions. Or a castle invasion where the Amazonian warrior women—no relation to the bookseller/publisher Amazon, at least not that I know of—can be defeated only by sexually penetrating them deep enough to reach the internal trigger for their orgasm? Or the restaurant wherein the food is seemingly urinated, defecated, or vomited out by the servers. Could this possibly work?
So I tried it, and it did. The ideas did not have to be complete stories; they needed only to contribute to the larger whole. Thus a man and a woman meet as players in the erotic romance game, competitive yet necessarily cooperative, their avatars having sex that their real bodies experience. That is, the game setting may be fantasy, but the sex is fundamentally real. They fall in love as avatars, and complete it in their real bodies. I'm not sure this kind of romance has been done this thoroughly before, but I loved doing it in Eroma. The title is made from the concept: EROtic ROMAnce.
Which raises questions. Can game players really be wired to experience triggered orgasms? Women as readily as men? At such time as the technology becomes available, this game should break records for popularity. The assumption is that when women are freed of the physical and emotional risks of sex, as they are in the avatar state, and provided with a way to get the same instant pleasure from it as men do, they will happily compete. For one thing, they are universally desirable in the avatar state, regardless of their state in mundane life. Now they can be freely sexual in the wildest settings, with any number of partners, have it all on public display, and have no guilt, because after all it's only a game. So women can compete sexually on an even basis with the men, have repeated orgasms, try to win the prize, and become anonymously notorious. Maybe even be acclaimed as the most desirable creatures in the world. Pleasure for its own sake, the traditional male fantasy becoming a female fantasy too. Yes, I think women will like this game as well as the men do, perhaps for qualitatively distinct reasons, but just as intensely. The novel may be a mere prelude to a virtual reality not far in our future. What do you think?


  1. I did read killobite, I loved it. I liked the idea that sex was possible but not a mandatory part of the game. The only downfall about vertual reality is a person may just decide to live that world instead of thier own... some times I can understand why. If the body trully only works via electric pulses then a person with only the basic bodily functions working could have a real life inside a vertual world. Killers could live thier basic instincts and learn to function in the real world knowing that they could do what they wish and not be put in jail... it could be a new form of therapy for many broblems, not just violence.

  2. Just a note- many women do have the same level of desire as men. I think most of the problem is men do not seem to care about... helping the woman achieve her goal? :) If you can find a woman who easily orgasms with her partner, then you have surely found a woman who enjoys sex.
    That said, if you invent this game, be sure to send me the "first release" (pun intended) haha.

  3. First, LOVED Kill-O-Byte.

    I have heard that the reason we have not seen a great deal of full-immersion virtual reality on the consumer level, is that studies found that people spending too much time "in world" would actually rewire their brain so they had trouble using their real world body afterword! Using that property, some other researchers have looked into making use of that potential. ( )

    Angela's right about women's desire levels. If you could design a VR system that bypassed the kinetic and targeted that pleasure center, you'd have something both powerful, wonderful, and dangerous. Why worry with the problematic, messy, risky real thing when you can get something even more powerful safer? Would the real even be good enough after the virtual?

    Wonderful post, Piers. Always nice to get a glimpse into your world. I have my own Idea File, but I'm sure it isn't as thick as yours!

  4. As a young teen I started reading Xanth (of course) and fell in love with your writing. When I was in my early twenties I found a copy of Pornucopia. I fell in love with your writing all over again. It was like a dream come true for me. LOL Just recently read Climate of Change and my mind is racing about how climate, choices, and sex have had a impounding effect on the history of man kind.

    I would for sure buy and read a book of the ideas you listed in this blog. I loved it when you broke free of the Censors and let it all out. As sometimes nasty as it can be (LOL) it is hilarious and entertaining. The Magic Fart was one of the funniest books I have read in a long time. Sounds like it's time for a third to the series?

  5. This may be post necromancy, but one must take risks.
    I can see women enjoying a game such as this, especially if they are unable to achieve orgasm outside of the game. Depending, of course, on how the electronics are connected. It would be simpler in theory to connect directly to the pleasure centers in the brain than attempt to stimulate sexual organs.
    However, the idea also brings up a few negatives. Number one, wouldn't the game make real 'relations' seem lesser? More work for one, not to mention the fact that in the game your partner will invariably be perfect, and you wouldn't have strange odors or flavors to interfere.
    Number two, since achieving orgasm would be easier in the game, and there are no true repercussions, the game could quickly become addictive, leading to people spending most of their waking hours 'playing', only stopping for bodily functions. We already see much of this in current online games.

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