Saturday, May 21, 2011

3 Classic Piers Anthony Titles Now Available as e-Book, "Mute," "Chthon," and "Phthor."

Mute is science fantasy of mutation and psi: special mental powers. The protagonist, Knot, is a double mutant: he has a physical deformity, and the psi power to make others forget him. He’s satisfied with his life--until the lovely Finesse walks into his life to recruit him for a dangerous galactic mission. She is aided by two small animal mutants: a telepathic weasel and a clairvoyant crab. Knot tries to resist, aided by his psi, but the woman’s beauty and the animals’ powers doom him to a phenomenal adventure. The prior edition was cut; this is the complete version.

Chthon was Piers Anthony’s first published novel in 1967, written over the course of seven years. He started it when he was in the US Army, so it has a long prison sequence that is reminiscent of that experience, being dark and grim. It features Aton Five, a space man who commits the crime of falling in love with the dangerous alluring Minionette and is therefore condemned to death in the subterranean prison of Chthon. It uses flashbacks to show how he came to know the Minionette, and flashforwards to show how he dealt with her after his escape from prison. The author regards this as perhaps the most intricately structured novel the science fantasy genre has seen. It was a contender for awards, but not a winner.

Phthor is the sequel to Chthon, less intricately structured and less complicated in plot, but still quite dark and ugly in theme and detail. Rather than flashbacks and flashforwards, it has a Y outline, with the stem the initial story and the ends alternate futures, neither of which is acceptable to Aton’s son Arlo. Arlo has his own encounter with a Minionette, and naturally destruction is upon him and all with whom he associates. Write/editor Charles Platt was so impressed with the chthonic setting that he wrote two additional sequels, Plasm and Soma, which are even darker and grimmer.


  1. Just finished reading the last book in your Incarnation series, and for me, my husband wrote a fanfic based off your books! :) I thought you might interested in reading it, since you inspired it ;)

  2. Very exciting to get "uncut" versions of these books! And lovely work on the covers. A lot of ebooks have crummy covers -- it's a superficial thing, but from a reader standpoint it's so nice to see more thoughtful aesthetic.

  3. I saw these in the Kindle store today, and I was thrilled! Being in Australia can be frustrating sometimes, especially when it comes to books. Over the years I've been watching the limited catalogue (available to Australians) of your ebooks with despondence, so these releases cheered me up beautifully. Thank you. :-)

  4. Chton?? Pthhor?? hehe... I have to wonder if these are named and spelled like this for some fun with those horrible people who would take the spice out of an artists work??? Hmmm??
    After reading many of your works over the years I have noticed that generaly there is a meaning to everything you do, even if it is just to mess with someone to wonders if there is meaning to everything you do.

    Thank you for your art!
    Dave Stanton

  5. Mute is one of your best novels, right there beside Macroscope and Tarot. Good to see it on Kindle finally, I may just get it to re-read at my leisure.

  6. For many, many years Mr. Anthony has been at the forefront of alternative publishing, with Xlibris, etc. I think he is a visionary in that respect.

    As far as the ebook thing itself, while I own a Kindle and I think ebooks are here to stay, I don't think they are a replacement for books. I still can't let go of the feeling that just because I own a copy of the data does not mean I really own a copy of the book. I need something tangible that smells musty and that when you thump it you get a reverberation that can only come from a ream of paper.

    That said, I use the Kindle app on my iPhone and have been extremely grateful for it. When I am standing in line or on a plane, there have many times I wished I had a book with me, now all I have to do is pull out my cell and I have an entire library. Because of this I have finished -- and enjoyed -- many more books than I otherwise would have.